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Try To Win With Africa’s Biggest SportPesa Jackpot.

Try to win with Africa’s biggest SportPesa Jackpot.

What will you do with more than 200 million? It’s the kind of question we all ask ourselves in our quiet times, but every week, you can be a winner by playing SportPesa Jackpot. You can win with only TZS 2,000 bet. More than TZS 8.2 billion has been paid so far, with TZS 288,974,720 for one Dar Es Salaam resident in July 2020 who emerged a Jackpot winner.

How does it work?

The SportPesa Jackpot is a collection of sports betting involving football. Because it involves a series of 13 games, the Jackpot Prize can be huge despite the small stakes. The actual jackpot varies weekly, as it depends on how many people are playing and how long it takes for someone to win. As time goes on without a winner, the jackpot prize increases. At one point, the prize rose to more than 800 million and the first two winners were found.


The games you will be predicting are selected by SportPesa. You must analyze each game, then determine the most likely outcome and how much you want to bet. It’s as simple a that. Accurately predicting the outcome of 13 games is not an easy task, but as the saying goes, you’ve got to be in  it to win it!

Keep your predictions.

To qualify, you need to visit the SportPesa website and sign up to join.You must be  over the age of 18. You will be competing with other participants to get the right results. You can choose how much to guess from TZS 2,000. You can deposit money into a SportPesa account via any mobile network.

Join a group of winners

To join the only group of winners of money that is going to change lives, you will need to accurately predict all 13 results.

Find your winner

Large checks are used on advertising pictures and handouts, but it is not a check you will send to the bank. Winners receive their money directly from SportPesa through a secure payment method. The winner is required to submit his / her bank details to deposit the winnings and if the winner does not have a bank account then SportPesa will assist the winner to open an account to transfer his / her money. Once the money is place in the winner’s account then he has the right to do with them whatever he likes.

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