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Tanzanian Premier League Betting

Tanzanian Premier League betting

The Tanzanian Premier League represents the pinnacle of the world’s most popular sport in Tanzania. Here at SportPesa, we cover the major leagues from across the globe, but we also love to get involved in things close to home. That’s why we are proud to sponsor Simba SC and Young Africans SC to bring you the best coverage and betting options for all the Tanzanian Premier League action.

Whether you support Simba, Young Africans or one of the other 16 teams in the league, there is nothing quite like placing a bet before a game. It’s a way to show your support and get involved, and it also means you have an extra reason to celebrate if your team emerges victorious!

About the Tanzanian Premier League

Football is by far the most popular sport in Tanzania. The Premier League can trace its roots back to the National League, which was formed in 1965. It has gone through a few name changes over the years, finally settling on its current name and format in 1997. The 18 teams each play one another twice throughout the seaso.

Since its inception, the league has been dominated by Simba FC and Young Africans. In fact, between them, they have won 43 of the 55 tournaments contested. That doesn’t mean the league can’t throw us the occasional surprise, however. For example, who could ever forget Azam FC’s incredible title run in 2013/14?

How to bet on the Tanzanian Premier League

At SportPesa, we offer the biggest and best choice of football bets on the Tanzanian Premier League. Whether you want to bet on the outcome of a specific game number of goals during the watch etc placing your bet from your mobile phone or desktop computer is made easier and better by SportPesa with with the SportPesa big 5

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There are plenty of other football bets on offer for the Tanzanian Premier League, too. Some people like to dig into the details of the game by predicting who will score the first goal or what the score will be at half time. Then there are bets like the over/under. Here, you are looking at an even money bet on whether the total number of goals in the game will be higher or lower than a given figure, typically 2.5.

Most dramatic of all, though, is SportPesa’s Tanzanian Premier League live betting option. This is a fast and furious form of football betting where the action continues while the game is in progress. Watch the odds shift with every goal, free kick and corner. Place the right bet and the right time and you can enjoy fabulous returns!

Check out the latest Tanzanian Premier League fixtures and place your bets at SportPesa today. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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